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Welcome to the new /vx/ board - Videoganes and Paranormal! Just as mlpol was born of the merging of two wildly different topics into a single merged board, this board combines the topics of 4chans /v/, /x/, and /tg/ boards. And while /vint/ did not live on as we did, this board pays homage to the board, created and killed by an indifferent 4chan administration, in the flags that adorn this board.

As this is a new board, it does not have a firmly established set of rules. Unlike 4chan, this is a user driven site, and we are looking for user input into what the rules of this new board should be. Post your suggestions in the comments
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VX Nerve Agent, C11H26NO2PS

Wanna Fight Some Goblins?
Would anybody be willing to play Red Hand Of Doom if I ran it off this board?
One of the games I've been looking forward to playing has been cancelled, so I might have some extra free time in the next upcoming months, and I feel like running one of the adventures I have downloaded.
RoHD is a mid level adventure module that could be finished in a few weeks or a few months, depending on how well it can be organized. I'd be running it with third edition rules, with a few PF1e imports, using this board for logkeeping and dialogue, and perhaps using discord for voicechat or Roll20 for battlemaps, depending on who's playing.
That all depends on whether I can find players who would be enthusiastic though. I'm just looking to see if anyone on this server is interested enough for me to do it on here.
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Note that 36 points is a high power array, because the PCs are supposed to be the heroes of this story. I was going to make it 40, but I decided that my houserules were already way too generous for this module (they are a draft).

The starting gold is 13,125 gold pieces. I'd normally prefer you not spend more than 2,300 gp on one item, but if you have something that really suits your character, go ahead and buy it. Magic and mundane items from all legal 3.5e sources are permissible, with some exceptions.
Note that this adventure has travel in it: Buy a mule.
To calculate HP, take the average for your HD (2 for d4's, 3 for d6's, 4 for d8's, 5 for d10's and 6 for d12's) with max HP on the first dice, then add your Con modifiers as usual. I just prefer average HPs to rolled hit points.
And to new players especially, I'd like to do that one shot as soon as you guys can, so that you all can learn the rules at low level before the game next month. It's not necessary that the one shot happen at all, since RHoD isn't that hard, but i'd like to get it together soon anyway to test the game pace on this chansite medium.
Some confirmation of continued interest would be appreciated.

The oneshot, if it occurs, would be a lvl 1 game, with a starting gold of 125 gp, with 36 points to distribute for stats.
The Man Behind the Slaughter

Policy on enchanting unarmed strikes? If so, I want to put wounding onto their unarmed strike, and speed onto my gauntlets. Might flip through the Magic Item Compendium to see if there are more choice enchants. For the sake of argument, a body turned into a weapon is a weapon. Removing the bone and making a sword from it would be the same as simply having the bone in the body. It shouldn’t logically change anything to remove the bone and carve it into a sharp stick when it comes to magical enhancement. Also unarmed is inherently weaker than being armed(for good reason too), so mechanically it should balance out fine.
Nah, that would mean doubling-up weapon abilities with minimal costs increase, which is a gimmick reserved to archers in d&d.

Unarmed Strikes are not manufactured weapons, let alone masterwork weapons: unless you are Warforged, they cannot be enhanced as normal weapons.
They may gain permanent enhancement bonuses with Greater Magic Fang, but are then subject to dispelling.

I might allow some whacky enhancements following Dragon #395's guidelines for Body modifications, which would involve embedding pieces of metal into your fists that would normally make it difficult to use gauntlets. Don't know it off of the top of my head, and I'm not sure I'd approve it yet, but take a look:
Each fist must be surgically modified separately, costs twice as much as a masterwork gauntlet or spiked gauntlet, and each must be magically enhanced separately.

Gauntlets are manufactured weapons and can thus be enhanced as normal. If you use a magical gauntlet, you may apply those magical bonuses to your unarmed strikes, provided that you attack with that fist.

I could be convinced to allow the Ancestral Relic feat to apply to an unarmed strike and ignoring the masterwork prerequisite, but in that case it would still only apply to one fist.

I'm going to be writing an essay today, so I won't be responding to any more questions until this evening.
*Dragon #359
I very busy but perhaps I would be able to do a one-shot at least. That would be fun, however, I really doubt I'll have time for the goblin slayer campaign, sorry.

So, yeah, but I'll try for the oneshot thing. That sounds like it won't be too much of a time investment.
That's alright. I'd be glad to have you.
I was planning to run The Sunless Citadel to get the newer players acclimated with the rules of the game, and to test this board as a medium for gaming (vs Discord, Roll20, Foundry, etc), to see just how much of it I want to do directly on the chansite without sacrificing game speed.
If you've got a discord, I'd encourage you to click this link for scheduling/character-building (won't expire):
If not, you don't really need to. Just make a lvl 1 Orc Barbarian, with 125 gp in starting equipment, and calculating ability scores using the point buy system with 36 points.
If you have any questions, you can ask me on this thread, or in DMs.

Getting into Skyrim again
What mods do you recommend?
NO! GOD NO, TRUST ME, please god fucking trust me I've been there. These games will suck you in. You will fall in love with playing a good kind religious but violent and powerful big-tittied big-dicked elf chick with a harem and a god who loves her and a purified country that prospers and loves her.
you'll collect a weapon cabinet and end up uninstalling some weapon mods to make room for others so you end up with a big list of all the things you own across every character you play
you'll love hanging out with your elf and anime wives and alternate playable characters like the nordic paladin chicks in your physically-impossible bullshit castle that puts the Leveller's Castle to shame.
Every new mod adds something new, no matter how small, so it always feels fresh until you tire of Skyrim as a whole and miss something with better gameplay like Bayonetta or DMC
you'll trick yourself into thinking the goal to beat every quest mod on the Nexus is a noble goal
You'll forget everything like I once did
Skyrim is a succubus that wants to steal months of your life during the 1000+ mod setup and years of your life afterwards.
At least Fallout NV only needs a few mods to look good. You practically need to replace every mechanic and piece of content in skyrim with mods and get eighty compatibility patches combined by hand before it "just works".
definitely something for titties

Gas Attack.jpg
Occupied Equestria - Ride the Tiger
131002 131005
Occupied Equestria is an RP campaign set in a post-Equestria Equestria, where the princesses are gone, as are the Elements of Harmony. Gone, temporarily at least, but not by any means forgotten.

New players are welcome.

Fantasy Play has a few "kitties" to cuddle with
Brie has a Changeling Queen to negotiate with
Iron has some gangsters to beat
Silver has some follow up to do
Amber is exploring her new home
Spark is either looking for forest demons, or negotiating the fate of a tribe of Wolves
Midnight has more cultists to kill
Onyx has a colt to look after
Dark Star has some communists to kill
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The painting has a unicorn stallion in the attire of some yesteryear wearing a hat with a feather in it, looking at the viewer with a single wooden table behind him. The background fades into shadows and dark greys, placing all the attention on the unicorn, who must have been a noble in an earlier era.

"What you're looking at is a painting by Hammerswoon Ridge, probably around about 670. Tail Sails himself acquired it and placed it here when he built the house. But the decorated walls and impressions came later, about 50 years later, and were installed by Full Sails."
I don't seem to have the best of luck with my time lately.

Hopefully sometime
Amber Sunset
Amber stares at the painting curiously. "The whole family must've had a deep appreciation for art if they've acquired so many old and priceless works."
“Well, it varied from pony to pony. Tall Sails himself had a definite appreciate for art, though his son couldn’t care less. Silver Seashore even contributed a collection to the Baltimare museum... but Delicate Decor, the wife of Full Sails, expanded the art collection the most... though many of those works ended up in Silver Seashore’s donated collection. Even when members of the family didn’t understand painting techniques or have a taste for them, they understood and appreciated the status patronage of the arts brings with it.”
Shimmering Spark
I have a free day tomorrow.

2824 2827 2829 2831 2837 72482 110574 118163 132765
I read the future, tell me your questions and if I'm still here I may respond.
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Hello Khajit,i see its been awhile. if you are still around,i would like to ask. will i be able to make a difference in the battle against (((Evil)))? thanks in advance if you are still here.
132062 132133
It has been way too long, for that, sorry.
Welcome back kitty.
I do hope you are still alive and ready to respond to more questions on this post. What happens in the month of august.
hello khajit?
Thank you.
>>>/ub/2742 →

chad meat points.png
RPG/Tabletop Memes
Post 'em
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4/tg/ is full of newfags and 5e kiddies.
It's Gamer gentrification.

Fucking normies ruining yet another good hobby.


Magick Guide/General
1529 1672 2639 2699 5152 16256 98695 98972 108155 121557 219620 239505 260144
A bunch of users wanted a run down of magick and thoughtforms and all that jazz. I figure I'll do large post explaining the practical basics of everything. This thread is going to be a general for magick, a place to chat with people also practicing and finding practical advice. This article will be from a baseline bare skeleton pov. There's literally an infinite amount of ways to do magic. So we're going to talk about the core.

My base was a mix of psionics and chaos magick, broke into impromptu sympathetic magick. Took a break after a heavy loss. But I've since restarted by dabbling in evocation. WTF does that mean? It means I made thought forms and egregores, then started using sigils, then started doing voodoo stuff with random objects within reach, then took a break, and now I summon demons and mlp ponies. WTF does that mean? Read and find out.

What is Magick? Lets Plow Through This...

Magick is a methodology of imposing your will on reality to cause changes within it by utilizing an inherent power. The mechanisms remain the same. Even though there are 6 gorrilion types of magick.

Law of attraction, chaos magick, planetary magick, voodoo, wicca, hermetics, devil worship, psionics, pop culture magick, sigil, candle, shamanism, magick of solomon. On and on with the hidden fringe magicks. You could literally read every waking hour for the rest of your life and never run out of information.

By far the most popular is Kabbalistic Magick. The secret jew magick taught in synagogue to true believers. Why do you think all the celebrities are fucking Kabbalah practitioners? Why the fuck do you think the jews control everything?

Hell there's even a dark reflection to Kabbalah. Kabbalah uses the tree of life, while this other art uses it's opposition, the Qliphothic Tree of Death. If you really wanted to stick it to the jews, learn that shit. Its heavily demonic and overkill esoterically edgelord. But do it in your own time.

There are two paths of magick, high and low. High is basically self improvement, purifying your soul and reaching for godliness, low is making fat bank and banging sloots .... err earthly desires. Regardless of your path, both are exercising your soul's ability of creation (even if it's destruction). You are commanding and creating a new reality. You are assuming some of your power and becoming one with “God”.
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132649 132650 132651 132654
>More Bear Heart videos.
I found the following, I think is related.

>"Some Of The Harshest Truths Of Our Collective Reality Most Humans Will Refuse To Accept"
Only half way through. So far very informative. Going to check out the other videos once this is done.
Yeah, things are pretty bad. Sums up alot of my thoughts on some things.
The projection is the classic means of thorny attack.
Perception attacks are the bread and butter.
132651 132654
A remarkable aspect is its novel approach about our position in the food chain.
Well to sum it up in game terms our world is Warhammer40k, Dark eldar rule the world to feed their dark chaos god. They have a slave race of psyker cows to plow the fields and do unholy things to. The servile walking food bars are us.
Things are so fucked throughout history that it's demoralizing on a vastly huge level.
Then Cthulu walks in and dicks with things too.

Going to watch some of the other stuff. They keep using the same tricks and rule book for a reason.
After watching a few videos, I understand where he's coming from.
Things are fairly dark, but have some hope.
The current situation is more than salvageable. Infact the means of acting simply within the guidelines (((they))) put forth serious steps foward can be take, and victory is assured.
But we can go beyond what (((they))) designate as their guidelines. As such our victory and winning is not only achievable it is inevitable.
On every plane and timeline (whatever) those fucks operate in.
I might sound like I'm blowing alot of hot air, and maybe I am. I know we will always have our victory and the future we create.
Left Hand Path.png
I have gathered my thoughts together to spread the word of knowledge to (You) guise.
I am going to talk about a couple of things that happened to me while under the effects of psilocybin and cannabis (THC oil actually) which made me realize that when combined these two substances are truly something powerful, i am discussing the magical aspect of this combination of chemicals as cannbinoids seem to have a powerful effect with the addition of psilocybin, not to write about what i have happen to me in my wet dreams.

I seem to have come to the conclusion that i enter a state of mindset that makes getting into trances a breeze and i think that essentially they make me enter a sort of state of walking gnosis, in layman's terms they allow me to be able to walk in a sort of state of meditation while having me not focus on meditating so that i can easily use the subconscious part of my brain, this is only from a couple of months of extended experimentation, imagine the capabilities of this over a couple of years! I never have heard of the combination of these two substances in magic before so i think this is something that none as of yet have wrote about in magic. (the combination of these two in the fields of magic)

Mind reading:
When i am having a face to face conversation with someone i know the way it usually will play out so in my head the conversation is already in the future or it is as if i can hear their thoughts inside of my head while listening with my ears in the present, this is most easily achieved through a relaxed conversation where there is no other distraction such as when there is no other source of noise.

Slowing of time:
under relaxing conditions and through prolonged happiness everything seems to move slower in a way that makes seconds feel like hours, it seems that it can be prolonged as long as there is focus on the feeling of being 'happy', when anything takes my attention away from this everything all of a sudden returns back to normal speed.

Stopping of time:
When entering a state of meditation under the effects of these i have been able to have things fade from normal time into a weird sort of altered existence where everything is frozen in place, kind of like my brain leaves the room for a minute and keeps everything on pause.

This is the only one that i have not been able to repeat after the first time and is likewise the hardest one to achieve, so i don't know a lot about it so it still remains a mystery.
The one time this happened was not long ago, a mere week ago from today, i was in danger and i really wanted to get out of dodge, (i can't say what made me be put in a state of danger) all i can say is i entered a state of fight or flight that saved me, i was wearing a lot of silver at the time so that may have changed whether or not it was going to work. It was the most surreal feeling that i have ever had happen to me.
it felt like all time was stopped and couldn't hear anything nor could i feel any par of my whole body so i sort of floated away like a balloon full of air, i could still see out of my eyes but couldn't move them away from what i was originally looking at, kind of like my eyes were floating backwards, when this feeling stopped i was moved about 100 feet away from where i was standing, out of danger, so i could easily escape from the predicament i was in.
it was the law i wanted to get away from, so they must have thought they saw a ghost

Most UFOs are solar plasma. All aliens are humans dressed strangely.
122802 123187
Previous thread >>750 →

TL;DR summary:

* Humans have always experimented with exotic aircraft that the general public is not familiar with.
> Humans may be attempting to false flag aliens more recently. >>121954 → >>29447 → (CIA)
> No evidence of extra-terrestrial civilisations exists.
> Grey "aliens" arrive soon MKULTRA gets shut down and sun UFOs decline. >>122291 → >>122515 →
> UFO pilots evolve from human
* The sun (Mass: 99.9% Solar System. Volume: 1.3 million Earths) ejects plasma larger than the Earth.
> Historically the sun had more metal available for ejecting. >>116089 →
> The metallic solar surface was from about 1870s to 1950s. >>113025 →
> The plasma takes a few years to a few decades to reach Earth but appears to not orbit the sun. >>122557 → (pic, see pre-1940s)
> The metal plasma UFO era is therefore from about 1870s to 1970s. Especially 1890s,1940s-1970s. >>122665 → (pic2)
> The sun and UFO waves had a 10 year cycle during these periods. >>114081 →
> The sun grand cycle (a few centuries long) corresponds with the UFO "grand cycle". >>102249 → >>122095 →
> The search for UFO waves (500+ UFO reports in a month) that do not correlate with solar storms continues. >>122793 →
* Witnesses/Investigators can misperceive events
> Witnesses can hallucinate aliens >>90125 →
> Increased solar activity = increased schizophrenia >>90125 →
> Witnesses can see humans in costumes/space-suits/pressure-suits etc. >>752 →
> Witnesses can https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareidolia indistinct objects into cultural expectations. (Lights = Ghost V2 Rockets from the Soviets)
> Investigators can suffer cultural bias https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_rockets#Swedish_military_opinion
> Investigators can leave reality behind: https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/John_Keel
> Evil humans can weaponise hallucinations during human created UFO events (EMF, Drugs). >>121954 → >>29447 → (CIA)
* Man and the Sun together are producing UFOs and alien reports.
> If all events can have earthly logical plus natural space explanations then no imaginary space alien civilisations are needed. You can't solve a mystery by using a myth.
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Russia - Moscow, 04/30/2020

3 black balls in formation Poland 20 05 2020

Pomona, California, May 11

Moreno Valley, California, May 16th

Yorkshire, UK, May 14

São Paulo, Brazil, May 11

Quebec, Canada, May 11. Nice and clear seemingly natural plasma metal blob.

No details.

Teotihuacán, Mexico. 2nd May
>first video
Definitely balloons.
It has been 3 months missing faggot.

>A Decade of Sun
>As of June 2020, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory — SDO — has now been watching the Sun non-stop for over a full decade. From its orbit in space around the Earth, SDO has gathered 425 million high-resolution images of the Sun, amassing 20 million gigabytes of data over the past 10 years. This information has enabled countless new discoveries about the workings of our closest star and how it influences the solar system.
>Has E.T. Gone Home?
>There were just over 3,700 reported sightings in 2018 and in 2019, there were 6,889. So far in 2020, 4,688 UFO sightings have been reported.
>4 months since last post
Has Vril run his last circle cycle?
I hope not.
This is for Vril. I hope that faggot is still around.

>The Moon is made of plasma
>Wanna know why we haven't been (back) to the Moon?
>I have an idea why.... Hopefully this helps clear up this gigantic fraud perpetrated on the WORLD since the '69 faked NASA lunar landing with astro-NOTS Armstrong & Aldrin... There are some very odd videos out there of crazy eyed Buzz Aldrin giving some very less than convincing responses to skeptics asking if he ever stepped foot on the moon!
>Listen to this scientist tells us NO ONE WILL EVER LAND ON THE MOON because of its composition... He posits that the Lunar entity is made up of PLASMA.
>I tend to agree with him... He further debunks Einstein and all Gravitational theories related to the moon! The video footage of a moon rise at the end also (IMO) supports the hypothesis that the moon is actually NOT a solid rock but PLASMA in substance! (therefore you cannot 'land on it' as it were)

Ka Ching
132613 132614 132618
I'm not exactly into the paranormal or anything esoteric and I know music videos are loaded with esoteric symbolism. however this music video is interesting.
Shania Twain is a Canadian country/pop from the mid 90's early 2000s and was fairly popular, especially around the time this song came out.
Ka-Ching is basically a song mocking consumerism, however what I find funny about it is, it was never released in America and there were 3 versions of the video released.

this is the original promo version
and these are the two released versions

the first one is full of a lot of symbolism and some of it seems very esoteric, some really obvious. that seems to have been removed from the second releases.

normally I wouldn't be curious about this however it wasn't released as a single in the US and during/shortly after her US tour for the album she so happens to contract Lyme's disease which destroys her voice and seemingly her personality. she was basically gone for almost decade and reappears seems like a different person, almost childish.

but what I'd really like to know is what exactly is the symbolism in the promo video. if somebody could explain it to me it would be much appreciated.
I don't know much about musical artists and I don't follow their antics but I found the following:
>Illuminati & The Music Industry Exposed [ Full Length ] HQ
132616 132618
Alright, my curiosity is piqued.

>1st image, a dangling spider
Not a good start
>telephone rings
Its the Bogs, duh
>no one on the line
She still answered the call
>steps on an elaborate (prolly european) balcony
>empty vehicles outside, cash registers in the background
>starts singing in a red dress
Oh shit, I'm gonna have to do an auditory analysis of the lyrics and music. This is just a visual analysis. But yeah, red flags

Okay, I just stopped fixating on individual images and watched/listened. Having watched, there is obvious and deliberate iconography, but not of the sort that would glorify any established or extant powers or forces. In fact, the song seems to be a critique of consumerist culture, as you said. It stands to reason that it wasnt released in the US because it goes against the obvious agenda of the MSMusic industry, which is to promote rampant and vapid consumerism. Throughout the video she's contrasted as a diva in red (whore of babylon?) And
A simple normal(ish) girl in simple clothes (virgin madonna maybe?). If anything, I'd even say she's taking shots at who and what she (not exclusively) have become as icons of the music industry. I'll give a more comprehensive breakdown, including variance in the later videos, but for now (if I'm understanding your OP position). Idk about the lyne disease shit, but I wont refute the possibility that the disease and the song are somehow related.
132617 132618
it wouldn't surprise me, I was digging and I guess she was sexual abused as a kid by her father. fits the MO for sure
she says our religion is to go and blow it all , spending every sunday at the mall (which she winks)
then you see her with the guitars which looks like the cross of Nero
the black eagle heraldry on the doors of the casino.
at 12 everybody leaves the casino and things look normal but everybody counting money
she goes back to her room answer the phone, doesn't notice the rattle snake on the floor when the person on the phone says room service.

what I find curious is she was bitten by a tick with lyme's disease in Virginia (home of the CIA) while on tour in the US not very long after this video in 2003. plus you have the the two released versions cutting her out in normalish clothes showing that world is something diseased.

I just find it odd the more serious visuals are gone and she just so happened to catch a rare disease which basically ended her career for a decade.

I was thinking that song really pissed off somebody in the US. maybe something was hidden in it.
I'm reserving extended analysis, but your assertion of having pissed one or more somebodies rings true
Throwing my two cents in.
>tldr: it's calling (((them))) out. More accurately it's another one of their peers playing a pissing match. Sent their messenger to the US. And was returned damaged. All part of the game they play. The price of the goyim is owed to the jew that 'owns' them for damaging it.
The gate / arch way, and the arch way within arches is important (framing for technical beauty, and more importantly recursively). Despite how regular and normal that is. It's a way of entering or exiting something. Once the camera enters this decaying dark world there is no going back. Jumping ahead there is a street with all the cars there, with their doors open. No sign of the place the camera entered from.
A spiders web is... really on the nose. That's extremely in your face for what they like to do.
Figure in the dark background sitting. As a symbol of the spider, or as one being trapped in the web. Probably both.
She holds white china, and it disappears. It's probably implied it's set down.
Walking barefoot across the rich carpet. Living the high life.
The picking up the phone is the call from dark forces. Unclear and not speaking in a human tongue. She fails to understand hanging up on them. It's here she realizes something is off with this place. At least as the inciting incident.
Once she leaves she can't return.

The legged dog licking the plate clean, feels important. The dog goes off and leads her down the stairs. Maybe a reference to Cerberus and the land of the dead.
Flies on plates, decay perhaps a reference to the lord of the flies.

The other two videos have the stage, which is obviously seperate from the production. As shadowy hands and people watch screens and the performance.
With the guitar it's obviously fake playing in such a way to emphasize that.
One thought that crossed my mind is that the way the red dress is shot looks like someone caught in a web.
The other one which resembles rock stars didn't struggle as much, and had more 'freedom' to move. But is stuck doing the samething over and over.

In the prerelease version, reddress is a painting, rockstar is on TVs and some are broken. The pattern is showing itself.

When she finally reenters and picks up the phone the cycle is complete an orboros as the story eats it's own tail. The door she enters is the one we entered.
The room is the trap, and the carpet the web. Except this time she is wearing shoes.

The rockstar verson pelvic thrust, then the snake jumping toward the camera is multi purposed. Sexual connotations. The womb (the cup) and the stick like snake (wand, it releases power). With the two it forms a stable triangle filling up and ending this piece of magic.

The video distortion of the gambling time is a reference to something, but it's not coming to me. Enlarging of the eyes and mouth.
thanks anons
>it's calling (((them))) out.
yup I think that's it. 1:51 in the prerelease version there is a poritrat of a what looks like a man rubbing his hands together
2:42 the man on the money looks to be Nathaniel Rothschild
3:09 the tissue box looks like it has CNN on it with bullet holes in it
I think the 2 distorted faces are of a jewish guy and black guy. her husband at the time was a Rhodesian, who better to know the relationship between master and golem.
I didn't want to go /pol/ but damn it!!!!

it explains everything. she was like proto Taylor Swift. none of her songs where really degenerate, some stronk wahman but not in a man hating way, more like a strong country girl kind of way. love songs stuff like that. her US hits before that I think were this.
this is pretty much about monogamy
very different from Brittany Spears or Christina Aguilera at the same time

Ka Ching was completely different from all her other songs in style and content. it's like she was chosen to do the Taylor Swift thing and then she drops a video calling (((them))) out and so happens to get Lyme disease in Virginia. she doesn't tell anybody about it and fucks off to Switzerland for nearly a decade before she explains what happened.
she called out ZOG and got the hammer dropped on her. Lyme's Disease is interesting too because the CIA got that from the scientists of Unit 731 who had weaponized it. basically the Japanese version of Operation Paperclip.

thanks anons, for everything you pointed out. I think I understand now.

as a side note her rockstar outfit is pretty interesting. there are words written on it but upside down. I couldn't really make anything out of a few words like "and but" , I also noticed the letters EK on it. she was apart of Sant Mat which is a Hindu Gnostic thing but nearly every member of Eckancar will initially say they are Sant Mat. they're kind of weird cult. I had a couple of professors in college who were "Eckists".
from my experience how it works is they will tell you they are Sant Mat, teaching of the saints. higher spiritual understanding and all that shit. if you're interested at that point they eventually tell you about something called Eckancar, the highest understanding. they chant "HU" instead of OM, their god is Sugmad or maybe Sigmad I don't remember. to me it looked like a pyramid scheme, so I politely said no and they were cool with it. later I heard they were kind douches. the psych prof was really into drugging up and fucking twinks and my theology prof was into 3 waying under grads. one of the twinks told me all about it some years later.

why I mention this is because on her rockstar outfit she has the face of a man in black hand. the black hand symbolizes extortion I think and the man could be Harold Kemp, he's basically their guru. I have no idea how influential they are because they don't exactly advertise themselves.

so she takes a massive hit at ZOG and her cult. American never gets the single for obvious reasons and the EU video cuts out the not so obvious le happy merchant and Rothschild stuff but keeps the red dress version because by itself without the other parts seems innocent enough and her swipe at the cult probably doesn't mean much outside the US.

File (hide): 23DE56B9D2BBE8659DE3B39A0F2B1E14-801570.m4v (782.8 KB, Resolution:640x640 Length:00:00:08, video0 (1).mp4) [play once] [loop]
video0 (1).mp4
Borderlands 3
I fucking hate this game. It is the worst game i have ever played. All of the writing sounds like it was from a twitter sjw and its unoptimized.
then why did you play it?
Oh christ, please tell me you didn't purchase Borderlands 3.
I played borderlands 2 "on a friend's computer" and hated it! B3 only got worse.

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